Brief 2 Submission

This info graphic visually portrays advice for correct Japanese table manners. My intended communication objective was to convey quick and easy tips for japanese table manners  in a engaging, fun and relatable way. I have achieved this through firstly, the use of illustrations. These were made on illustrator by using the live trace tool and effectively turned into vector images with crisp and clean linear black outlines. These give the info graphic a ‘hand drawn’ feel making it fun and easy for audiences to relate to. The use of hand drawn arrows helps to navigate the viewer and draw their eye to the information.

The composition of a scrapbook-collaged style lends itself to the information being conveyed in a relatable, fun way and infers a narrative voice for the viewer to navigate around the page and learn from. I have collaged my illustrations around the page as well as placing some in the background in reduced opacity.

The illustrations along with accompanied text inform the viewer how to:

  • eat noodles correctly
  • the correct procedure for pouring tea
  • how to hold chopsticks
  • what to say before and after a meal
  • How to place chopsticks on a bowl

For the typography, a bold font has been used for ‘Japanese’ to make it stand out with the inclusion of a Japanese bowl into the text to convey the ‘foodie’ theme. I have also layered the script ‘itadakemasu’ which means ‘lets eat’ in the background to give the info graphic a cultural Japanese feel, but have reduced the opacity to make it less dominant and more a composition feature as not to detract from the main title. I have hand drawn the typography for the word ‘noodles’ to appear as if the text is made out of noodles to add interest and fun. I have also written the Japanese word next to the English in the tips to make it more informative.

The minimal colour pallet used keeps the info graphic simple and easy to read while still giving it a vibrant background and small pops of colour. Black and red are also typically associated with Japanese culture.

The A8 image to accompany the main info graphic, incorporates the main title, noodle illustration and illustration of the Japanese boy telling audiences the theme of the info graphic. These composed together summarises what the larger info graphic is about and effectively links in a consonant style.



Brief 2 Submission

Top 5 Comments: This is looking so so good, you have made so much progress! So far your info graphic is very clear in its delivery of its message and easy for the audience to read. The emotion created on the boys face is engages with the viewer and all your images look great! You have shown real skill in creating icons on illustrator. One suggestion would be to now play around with different compositions and typography. The main title is a bit squashed at the top of the page and needs more room to breathe. You could also look at using a variety of fonts to give it a more unique, hand developed feel. The ‘step one..two’ etc. text could be played around with a bit more aswell – perhaps putting in a flat object – such as a stamp? placed on the top left hand side of the boy to give it more interest. Overall, very impressive, professional looking work. Leah, this is looking really good so far!! Your main image of the women with the brain is immediately eye catching and engages the viewer. I particularly like the use of the white outline on the women and the vibrant pink of the brain pops really well. The colour palette of the women works really well aswell, it incorporates colours which complement each other while still remaining quite minimal to the eye. So far, the negative/positive typography is working well, however I would suggest playing around with the font used on ‘self talk’ – perhaps something stronger and bolder would work better and use a font not so similar to the font used on ‘positive’ and this statement is meant to be objective. Overall, it looks very professional and I can imagine working in a magazine such as MindFood or The Listener. Wow! The development of your headline is looking so great! Your images created are clean and look very professional. The icon used on the plane and the graduation cap symbolise your chosen theme well. My favourite concept is #6. The incorporation of the graduation cap adds interest and the typography in encased in the circle works well and is the easiest to read. The font used is nice and bold and easier to read than concept #7. The cut out of the plane used in the letter ‘A’ is also effective – although i would just suggest moving it up a just a few mm just in be in the place where there is a gap in the letter A. Your colour pallete is nice and neutral and suits your idea with a good pop of gold. Overall, amazing progress!

Hi Loretta! Looking really good so far. Your composition, colour palette and typography so far portray your chosen theme effectively. Your images created on illustrator look neatly composed, clean and engaging. I especially like the blueberries and nuts on top as this provides added interest. Perhaps more detail could be added to the chefs hat to make it pop a little bit more and look less flat. Your could also try added some hand drawn elements to the word pancakes to make it more visually interesting and unique. Otherwise, such good progress!

Great work! Your info graphic is clear, concise, easy to understand and instantly engages the viewer. Your chosen theme and communication objectives have been successfully portrayed through the use of vector images, symbol icons and a simple colour palette. The icons in particular portray what yoga can do for the body in universally understood symbols. The only thing which could need small improvement is the typography used and placement of text. It could benefit from playing round with a variety of fonts and just tweaking the placement of text as the title and text at the bottom seems a bit squashed. Also just the spacing in the bottom information is not the same across all the text. Other than that it looks really good and your A8 sized image connects really well back t your larger image.

Research: Effective Info graphic examples.

Brief 2 Research

Using the great design platform  I was able to further explore effective info graphic examples to see how information can be displayed visually in interesting and creative ways. From this research it can be seen there is no limit in displaying information. These examples have used either illustrations, flat icons, photography, hand illustrated typography or a mix of all to create an engaging info graphic.

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1) Clean colour palette and use of flat icons.

2)Use of photography in this infographic. Quite visually effective.

3)Clever idea. The combination of flat shapes, with three dimensional images and limited text works really well in conveying ‘how to brew coffee’. The info graphic is clean and engaging with just the right amount of detail to be interesting but not overcrowded.

4)An info graphic resume. This shows how even information like a resume can be portrayed in a visual way. The flat icons look good and stand out on the page.

5) Well structured info graphic with neat boxes sectioning off each step. The linear illustrations with small pops of colour look really effective.

6) Really effective illustration used and eye catching hand drawn typography. Also shows a neat and composed structure which is easy to read and to follow the steps. Complementary colour palette used aswell .